Getting Around Omaha

While visiting Omaha, travelers can easily find their way through the city by using public transportation. With numerous downtown bus lines, the service offers pick-up every five minutes. Travelers may also board a transit bus to reach the Mall of the Bluffs, Mid America Center and many restaurants. Bus officials have equipped each vehicle with a bicycle carrier and are in the process of replacing outdated buses with new models.

Travelers may traverse the city by hiring a taxi service. However, the city's guests will find that the cab service in Omaha is skimpier than in other large cities. In Omaha, travelers will have access to a taxi transport from the airport, bus and train stations. When travelers need taxi service in other parts of the city, they will need to call for pickup.

On Foot
When visitors prefer to sightsee in downtown Omaha, walking will bring them to numerous restaurants, museums and parks. Walking is a healthy, free way to view the city, and when visitors avoid riding in a motorized vehicle, they may come across a number of memorable viewing areas.

Bike Rentals
The city offers bike rentals, which will permit visitors to enjoy the city's natural environment. Bike rentals are affordable, and visitors may rent them from bike shops along with the city's bike sharing program.

Travelers who prefer to move around the city in luxury may rent a limo service for the duration of their stay. With access to a knowledgeable limo driver, visitors won't have to worry about locating their desired destination within the city.

Rental Car
With its suburban sprawl, a rental car is the recommended way for travelers to discover the city. Travelers with access to a car can view far away sightseeing destinations and reach distant parks along with out of the way restaurants and shops. Visitors will notice that city addresses are easy to find as Omaha's pioneers constructed the city using a grid system. The named streets run east to west while the numbered streets are north and south. Transport around the city is fast, and locals insist that visitors may reach any city destination within 20 minutes.

Shuttle Transportation
The city features a shuttle service that will transport visitors from Omaha to a number of outlying Nebraska cities such as Lincoln, Grand Island and Kearney. Travelers may board the shuttle in two Omaha locations and should review the service's schedule for drop-off and pick-up times.